Robert Harris

Robert Harris is made in New Zealand & specifically developed for New Zealanders, our range of instant and freeze dried coffees are world-class. We're certain you'll find your perfect match for every occasion.


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  • Instant Coffee

    Robert Harris Aotearoa Blend Coffee Tin (Granules)

    Premium granulated instant coffee. A smooth satisfying blend – with caramel notes and a nutty flavour –a feel good coffee that’s sure to please. Tin has an easy open ring pull lid with easy to close cap.

    Size: 400g
    Units per shipper: 6
    Robert Harris Freeze Dried French Tin

    A smooth, well rounded coffee with a caramel aroma and nutty undertones. A feel good coffee.

    Size: 400g
    Units per shipper: 6
    Robert Harris Fusio Premium Freeze Dried Tin

    100% premium Arabica freeze dried infused with finely ground fresh coffee. Enjoy the convenience of freeze dried coffee with the quality and taste of roast and ground coffee. Robert Harris Fusio - The closest taste to fresh coffee in an instant.

    Size: 500g
    Units per shipper: 6
  • Cafe Style

    Robert Harris Flat White

    Sit back and enjoy your perfect start to the day, sip your velvety flat white and savour the delicious smooth taste, take a bite of a warm croissant…and relax.

    Size: 10 sachets | 125g
    Units per shipper: 5
    Robert Harris Cappuccino

    Pop your feet up, find a corner of sun, sip your full flavoured, creamy cappuccino and savour the delectable froth, pull out that magazine sitting there waiting...and breathe.

    Size: 10 sachets | 130g
    Units per shipper: 5
    Robert Harris Mochaccino

    Take time out and enjoy a moment of pleasure, sip your silky smooth mochaccino and indulge in the luxurious blend of coffee and dark cocoa, flick through that cook book...and unwind.

    Size: 10 sachets | 155g
    Units per shipper: 5
    Robert Harris Hazelnut Latte

    Take some time with friends and relax with your delicious hazelnut latte and relish the toasty, nutty flavours, share some fresh baking and enjoy the laughter.

    Size: 10 sachets | 165g
    Units per shipper: 5
    Robert Harris Toffee Rum

    Take a moment for yourself, pop your feet up and sip your toffee rum latte, savour the underlying sweet tones of the toffee...relish that moment of calm.

    Size: 10 sachets |175g
    Units per shipper: 5