We offer a range of high quality Cerebos and F Whitlock and Sons sauces. Ideal for catering and the foodservice marketplace.  Our sauces have a rich flavour and thick consistency. Made in New Zealand, we source the best ingredients to ensure a consistently great taste every time.

NEW LOOK GREGG'S SAUCES will be MORE POPULAR THAN EVER.  Gregg's sauces feature in every new Zealand pantry due to its trusted quality and brand that represents great, every day value and flavour.  With NEW PACKAGING and NEW PACK DESIGN, Gregg's Sauces will be as popular as ever to smother on pies and hot chips as well as enjoyed with steak, hamburgers, sausages and beef.

F WHITLOCK AND SONS Revolutionary packaging, same delicious taste!

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  • Gregg's Sauce

    Gregg's Smoked Hickory Sauce

    A rich barbecue sauce with a smoked hickory flavour.

    Size: 4.6kg
    Units per shipper: 3
  • F Whitlock and Sons Sauce

    F Whitlock and Sons Tomato Chutney Thick Sauce

    The popular sauce for hot dogs and catering.

    Size: 2.2kg
    Units per shipper: 6
    Size: 4.4kg
    Units per shipper: 3
    F Whitlock and Sons Worcester Traditional Sauce

    Adds extra flavour to recipes.

    Size: 4.4kg
    Units per shipper: 3
  • Fountain

    Fountain Pizza Sauce

    An end user solution to pizza sauce. Ready to use complete with herbs and capsicum chunks.

    Size: 4L
    Units per shipper: 3