Cerebos Salt products are premium quality, prized for their versatility and texture. These delicate shaped crystals are full flavour with no bitter aftertaste. With the Exception of Pink Flake, these are products of the clear and clean waters of Marlborough. The Cerebos Salt range delivers restaurant quality on every occasion.

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  • Cerebos Salt

    Cerebos Marlborough Flaky Salt

    Salt harvested from the clear waters of the Marlborough Sounds - made into crunchy flakes. Ideal to add to gourmet restaurant meals.

    Size: 225g
    Units per shipper: 12
    Size: 1kg
    Units per shipper: 4
    Pacific Vacuum Salt

    Vacuum salt is a more refined salt and is used in instances where a more pure salt is required. Fine grade New Zealand salt.

    Size: 25kg
    Units per shipper: 1
    Cerebos Pink Flaky Salt

    Cerebos Pink Salt Flakes are delicate flake crystals that will add versatility, texture and complement your cooking creations perfectly.

    Size: 1kg
    Units per shipper: 4